Redevelopment Commission

The Lawrenceburg Redevelopment Commission consists of five members, appointed to one-year terms. The Mayor makes three appointments, with two appointments made by the City Council.

The Redevelopment Commission meets the second Monday of every month at 4:30pm in the Lawrenceburg City Council Chambers. Please contact Kelly Hermesch at 812-532-3558 or  [email protected] with any questions or to be added to the Redevelopment agenda. 

Guidelines for programs and incentives offered by Lawrenceburg Main Street with support of Lawrenceburg Redevelopment Commission can be found on Main Street’s Programs and Incentives page.


  • President: Richard Richardson
  • Vice President: Lennie Fryman
  • Secretary: Kevin Schafer
  • Member: Dr. Janie Wilson
  • Member: Bryan Johnson
  • Attorney: Del Weldon
  • Redevelopment Director: Bryan Messmore