The City of Lawrenceburg has adopted the Lawrenceburg Comprehensive Plan following a yearlong planning assessment with the assistance of HWC Engineering. This is a statutory requirement every 10 years. Guiding principles focus on supporting modest population growth and enhancement of quality of place. Shared input came from a Comp. Plan Steering Committee, Mayor Mollaun, City Council, Planning Commission and community stakeholders. Community engagement included a social media awareness campaign, series of online workshops, public survey, video updates, Public Open House with presentations and Adoption Hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council. The City of Lawrenceburg Resolution 11-2021 Adopted the Lawrenceburg Comprehensive Plan on 12-6-21.

Land use focused on residential, commercial, industrial, parks and open spaces, as well as four focus areas. Stakeholder input addressed public safety, education, housing, economic and business development, community amenities, public health, transportation and utilities. Following community consensus, the vision for the focus areas include:

  • Downtown Focus Area
  • Riverfront Focus Area
  • US 50 Focus Area
  • Ludlow Hill Focus Area

The Lawrenceburg Comprehensive Plan includes an action plan that addresses availability of funding sources, application cycles and funding source descriptions to prepare for long term budgeting and project facilitation. Several project areas are already underway including the Whiskey River Apartments and the Riverfront Development.

The 2021 Lawrenceburg Comprehensive Plan is a solid comprehensive road map for the City of Lawrenceburg moving forward. With access to the outdoors, unique landscapes, an exceptional education system, and remarkable public safety, Lawrenceburg is a premier river city destination with distinct, but complementary areas that work together to form a City on The Rise that residents love and visitors celebrate.

Hard copies of the Lawrenceburg Comprehensive Plan are available to the public via the Lawrenceburg Clerk Treasurer’s Office and the Dearborn County Recorder’s Office.

The Lawrenceburg Comprehensive Plan is found here and on the website which expires on March 24, 2022.