International Firefighters’ Day featuring the Lawrenceburg Fire Department May 4th 2023

International Firefighters’ Day commemorates those who have died in the line of duty, the day also marks lifetime service given both by firefighters and by all those who support fire emergency services.  The City of Lawrenceburg supports our local Lawrenceburg Fire Department and their mission statement: “Through Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Mitigation, the Lawrenceburg Fire Department will promote a safe community by providing professional and innovative services to the citizens and guests of the City of Lawrenceburg.”

To show your support, one of the symbols of International Firefighters’ Day is a red and blue lapel ribbon. This ribbon is five centimeters long and one centimeter wide, with the two separate colors conjoined at the top. The red ribbon represents fire while the blue represents water. The ribbon is traditionally worn on the lapel but is not limited to the lapel.

Lawrenceburg Fire Department Chief Johnnie Tremain shares that “International Firefighters Day is a time to Reflect Back and to Look Forward at the Fire Protection Service. We Reflect Back on the sacrifices that firefighters have made and learn from all of them.  We Look Forward and take what we have learned to then teach the youngest probie to the most seasoned firefighters from those sacrifices.”

Fire Prevention and the need for more intensive and thorough training is promoted through International Firefighters’ Day, and the day is seen as an important opportunity to raise both skills and awareness.

Mayor Kelly Mollaun states “Public Safety is a priority for any community. Our first responders are well trained and qualified professionals. Keeping our community safe and serviced will continue to be our focus. I want to thank our men and women who work in our public safety sector in Lawrenceburg.” 

History of the Lawrenceburg Fire Department

The Lawrenceburg Fire Department was founded in 1882 by A.D. Cook and today provides fire protection and other services to the city. Today’s department consists of consists of a Full-time Fire Chief, six full-time Firefighter/EMT-B staff and utilizes part-time employees to maintain a 3 person BLS Non-Transport Engine 24/7, 365 days a year. The remainder of the force is comprised of professionally trained volunteers.

Visit to learn more about the Lawrenceburg Fire Department.  The LFD Headquarters are located at 300 West Tate St. Lawrenceburg Indiana 47025.