Lawrenceburg Utility Department Shares Energy Efficiency Tips

Anyone can make their home more energy efficient, whether by taking small steps or large ones. There are several everyday tips you can follow to jump-start your energy conservation efforts.

Visit under Utilities and check out our LMU/IMPA Newsletter Spring 2023 to learn more ways you can reduce your energy usage and save money. From simple to serious changes, your choices can have a dramatic impact on energy use and costs per year. 

Summertime Energy Efficiency Tips:

#1:  Use fans around your house to circulate cool air. Set ceiling fans to turn counterclockwise, as this will push air down and create a cooler feeling in the room.

#2:  Replace air filters in your home with each season. Dirty air filters cause your system to work harder and longer, using unnecessary energy as a result.

#3:  Keep lamps and TV sets away from your thermostat. Thermostats can sense the heat that these items give off, which can cause the A/C to run longer than required.

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