Ludlow Hill Trail Survey Now Available 

Tucked into the hills of Lawrenceburg, Indiana is a beautiful community asset, Ludlow Hill Park, located approximately 4 miles to the northwest of the Lawrenceburg downtown river district. Surrounded by dense woods and hilly terrain, the setting around the park is serene and is an exceptional opportunity to get the community face-first into nature by way of multi-use trails. The comprehensive Ludlow Hill Trail system aims to be the connector of various disconnected neighborhoods on the city’s northern limit to the amenities of the park, surrounding dense wooded terrain, and the St. Elizabeth Dearborn Hospital.

Share your thoughts on the proposed Ludlow Hill Trails Project by completing the Ludlow Hill Trail Survey.  The City of Lawrenceburg intends to seek an Indiana Trails Program Grant to assist with trail improvements. 

Ludlow Hill Trail

For the ITP grant, a breakout portion of the overall project that fits grant criteria and measurables has been identified. Phase one of the project includes a trailhead at a north entrance parking lot of the park and mountain bike ready mulched pathways diving south into the forested landscape.