Musicians Mural Coming to the Lawrenceburg Civic Park

What’s going on at the Lawrenceburg Civic Park?

A new mural, created by mural artist Christian Dallas, is in the works to celebrate Lawrenceburg’s Musical Gateway ~ IN Indiana. The mural is sponsored by the City of Lawrenceburg, with assistance by an Indiana Destination Development Corporation – IN Indiana Public Art Activation Grant.

Working together with the Southeastern Indiana Musicians Association (SEIMA) and the Lawrenceburg Mural Committee, the SEIMA Hall of Fame mural will feature a past, present and future musical tribute to local artists recognized on a regional, national and international stage.

The mural will feature several musicians, at various stages of life playing guitars, pianos, saxophones and more with soulful and funky southern blues to rock stylings. Lonnie Mack, Ralph Trotto, The Boys From Indiana, Jamie Johnson, Kristen Weber, Nelson Elliott & Jimmy Thomas are included. The site will also feature a Southeastern Indiana Musicians Association Hall of Fame plaque featuring 178 musician artist tributes with the ability to spotlight future annual Hall of Fame inductees creating a musical destination for tourism as well.

Brian Debuler shared, “The Southeastern Indiana Musicians Association is very excited to partner with the City of Lawrenceburg in creating a brand-new mural downtown, focusing on our areas rich and diverse musical heritage. Southeastern Indiana has a long-standing history of music and musicians who have not only helped shape our community culturally through music but also some who have even went on to influence the culture of music around the world. It is the goal of our organization to recognize, honor and create awareness of these individuals in our SEIMA Hall of Fame as well as inspiring the future generations of entertainers and artists in our community.

We hope this mural will not only serve as a historical record of our exemplary musicians in the community on display for visitors and local families alike but also be an inspiration to future generations of musicians to visit and where local families can honor their own musical family members all in immediate proximity to the award-winning Lawrenceburg Civic Park and stage facility. We are truly humbled and honored to be a continuing part of the artistic growth and future of Lawrenceburg, Indiana.”

Stay tuned! Look for the musician’s mural progress to be completed during the next several weeks. Discover more ~ IN Indiana!

A big thank you to the Lawrenceburg Mural Committee for their assistance and feedback during mural design conception with Christian Dallas. Members include Mayor Kelly Mollaun, Guinevere Banschbach, Brian Debuler, Brian Noble, Adam Gilliam, Michelle Cone, Brittany Bleich, Meghan Schafer, Judy McAdams and Bryan Messmore.