Early-bird Pool Pass Registration Event

Pat O’Neill Memorial Pool & Splash Park

The City of Lawrenceburg will be hosting 4 Early-Bird Pool Pass Registration Events at the Pat O’Neill Memorial Pool & Splash Park. (305 W. Tate St. Lawrenceburg IN 47025)

Wednesday  June 10th  2 pm – 4 pm
Thursday      June 11th  4 pm – 6 pm
Friday           June 12th  2 pm – 4 pm
Saturday      June 13th 10 am – 1 pm

2020 Pool Season Requirements:
Must be a Lawrenceburg resident.
Must bring the following:
     Proof of residency
     Current ID
All children must be accompanied by and adult or guardian for pool pass registration. 

The danger of contracting COVID-19 and spreading the virus to others exists if you choose to enter this aquatic facility.  By entering this facility, you are assuming the risk of contracting COVID-19.  If you are an adult allowing your child to enter the facility, you are assuming the risk that your child may contract COVID-19.  The City of Lawrenceburg has taken precautions based on Federal, State and County health regulations related to COVID-19 to make this facility as safe as possible, but the City of Lawrenceburg cannot eliminate the possibility that guests to this facility may be exposed to COVID-19.  Therefore, you expressly assume the risk that you may contract COVID-19 and infect others, and hold the City of Lawrenceburg harmless for that risk and any injury or damage that may result.

Individual waiver, signage and handouts will be available as an added protection for residents participating in recreational pool & swimming activities.

City of Lawrenceburg Pool & Splash Park will open June 15th and close August 2nd, 2020.