PIPE UP! Children’s Activity Game

PIPE UP! CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY GAME:  In Pipe Up, the campaign activity book for kids (3rd, 4th and 5th graders), players will try to successfully connect the pipes to reflect the drinking water, wastewater and stormwater cycle. Fun categories include: 

  • What a Day!
  • It’s So Hot!
  • The Unflushables
  • Go Green!
  • Thank A Water Hero!

Pieces required to complete the mazes include steps such as “replace old pipes”, “treat water”, “generate energy”, “pay your water/wastewater bill”, “thank water utility workers” and “help us protect the environment.” The activity book also includes water-related call-outs that will resonate with children such as brushing their teeth; flushing the toilet; how water/wastewater is cleaned, transported, delivered, and returned to the environment for reuse, the age of our infrastructure (pipes, facilities), taking a sip from the water fountain after recess, running through the sprinklers and bathing your baby brother or sister.

Our goal with Pipe Up is to reach, engage and educate kids as soon as they can understand the value and importance of water as it pertains to what they do every day and what it takes “behind the scenes” to make that daily routine possible.  Pipe Up! is a game by American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation with support from Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities Water Department.

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