Arch Street Ribbon Cutting

Arch Street Park Inclusive Playground launch

The City of Lawrenceburg celebrates multi-generational Inclusive Play with new Arch Street Park Playground now open.

Please enjoy our recreational video highlight produced by Game Time, a PLAYCORE company, detailing the playground project transition, Arch Street Park Grand Opening & Rededication event, as well as the community impacts from this transformational project as a premier recreational outlet in the City of Lawrenceburg. Input shared from Mayor Kelly Mollaun, Arch Street Park Playground Committee Members Mario Todd (Project Construction Manager), Guinevere Emery (Communication Director), Nicole Ratliff and AJ Waltz along with community member Hon. Joseph Johns.

“This project was a culmination of many, many meetings, to decide you know, what’s going to work and what’s not. I cannot thank City Council enough for providing the funds to do something like this. It was a huge undertaking.” ~ Mayor Mollaun

“This Park to me is really a step forward, not only in our city, but you know, for society as a whole in integrating it’s playgrounds to be as inclusive as possible. And that means a lot to me because I am a C5-6 quadriplegic, and I’ve been wheelchair bound since I’ve been 15. We didn’t have parks like this when I was a kid. We didn’t have parks like this when I was injured, and I think it would have meant a lot to me to have a park like this growing up.” ~ Hon. Joseph Johns.

The Arch Street Park Playground is a National Demonstration Site thru PLAYCORE with the goal of advancing recreation through researched best practices.

Special thanks to the City of Lawrenceburg, Mayor Kelly Mollaun, Lawrenceburg City Council, the Arch Street Playground Committee Members including Sallee Johns, Connie Knue, Taylor Ratliff, Grace Brown, Tina Zint, Joe Vogelgesang and GAME TIME, PLAYCORE,. This promotional video along with some fabulous Arch Street Park Grand Opening & Rededication event pictures are featured on our website at