Local Business Support

The City of Lawrenceburg, Mayor Kelly Mollaun and City Council, in partnership with Lawrenceburg Main Street, are focused on maintaining sustainability for our vulnerable small business community and recognize the unforeseen economic hardships endured by our workforce and city residents as a direct result of the COVID-19 public health emergency.  The City of Lawrenceburg has approved and passed two, unprecedented, proactive measures at a special City Council Meeting on 3-27-20 to provide immediate assistance for local city businesses and residents to continue to thrive in the City of Lawrenceburg.  The Public Health Emergency Small Business Grant (PHESBG) has been created to provide immediate assistance for local small businesses who have been forced to close, partially or wholly, during COVID-19 emergency.

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Local City Residents

The City of Lawrenceburg passed the second key initiative regarding the City of Lawrenceburg Public Health Emergency response focused on supporting our local city residents.  City Council passed the Emergency Utilities Resolution to establish the “Public Health Emergency Economic Relief Fund” which will provide financial resources thru the City of Lawrenceburg for initiatives that aid those suffering economic hardship as a direct result of the pandemic and its widespread impact.

Under this resolution any existing City of Lawrenceburg city resident currently receiving a Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities bill for water, sewer and electric shall have their utility bill forgiven for the month of May and June 2020 and will not be expected to pay an LMU utility bill during this time.  City residents who have an existing rental agreement that includes utilities should consult their landlord for any rental fee agreement changes. Landlords who include their monthly residential rent fee to include LMU utilities should be strongly encouraged to pass along this LMU utility relief ability to their renters. 

Stay at Home Order for Indiana
Executive Order 20-08 Directive for Hoosiers to Stay at Home. For more information please visit

FAQ Sheet regarding Stay at Home Directive

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the City of Lawrenceburg is temporarily restricting non-emergency public access to all City owned buildings effective March 16th, 2020 to May 11th 2020. We will continue to post updates and important information below.

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Revisions to the Open Door Law and Access to Records Act

Executive Order 20-09 now allows public meetings to be held without a physical location for the meeting. Meetings can be held electronically via teleconference or videoconference by all members of the governing body for purposes of establishing a quorum and taking final action, so long as members of the public and the media can access the electronic meeting. Notice of the meeting can be provided by electronic means. The electronic meeting revisions apply to public meetings, but not to public hearings. State statute must still be followed for public hearings.

Learn more about this Indiana City on the Rise

Visitors to our city soon understand why we are proud of Lawrenceburg Indiana. There's so much to see and do here and this site is designed to show you the diversity and unique character of our city. Lawrenceburg typifies Middle America with lots of extras.

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City Features

Lawrenceburg enjoys 21st century comfort and resources such as excellent schools, medical facilities, local industry, small-to-large business, employment opportunities, shopping, world-class entertainment, sports and recreation and neighborhoods ranging from in-town to rural communities where a family can grow and thrive.

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Our city is located within 15 minutes of Cincinnati, Ohio. We're close enough to claim the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport as a local amenity! We even have our own river. Lawrenceburg is easy to get to, Interstate 275 is right here.

Are we trying to entice you to pay us a visit? You bet! Please enjoy your visit to our website - we hope to see you in person very soon!